ADI CEO Released


Anthony Reese (CEO of ADI) has been formally released by the Police and all charges against him have been dropped. Two other ADI directors remain in Police custody as investigations continue into allegations of illegal arms trading. Mr Reese made the following statement:

"I have been helping the authorities with their investigations and will continue to offer every assistance in these matters. It is imperative that I and ADI now concentrate on getting back to business as usual, while the wounds heal, so we can continue to provide our customers with the excellent service they have come to expect".

Three ADI Directors Arrested!


Three ADI directors were arrested today amidst accusations of illegal arms trading. A spokesperson for ADI (Gabriella Barnhurst - Human Resources Director) made the following statement:

"We here at ADI are shocked by the allegations and the company is offering the authorities its full co-operation with their investigations. At this time I do not know enough to comment further on the situation. Further statements will be issued when we have more information on the situation".

ADI Launches Intern Programme


Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI) has launched a new internship scheme to attract and test potential candidates under their Outreach Programme. The scheme aims to test candidates skills in a number of different fields including decryption, problem solving, research and team work.

More information can be found here.

Fire Damages Anechoic Chambers


A fire broken out at the research centre of Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI) in the early hours of the morning of Monday 28th July, severely damaging their anechoic chamber facilities and surrounding laboratories.

A statement from ADI has been issued by Kevin McNaughty (Facilities Director, ADI): “I can confirm that a fire occurred early this morning, thankfully it occurred during silent hours and nobody was hurt. Our on-site fire service bought the blaze under control within ten minutes of the alarm being raised; the fire was fully extinguished forty five minutes thereafter. We have employed specialist fire investigators to establish the cause of the fire.” McNaughty went on to say: “We will be transferring both ADI and our customers research programmes to alternative facilities within the next few days in order to minimise the disruption caused.”

Power Outage At Acoustic Research Labs


The main research centre of Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI) suffered a wide are black out yesterday. The loss of power has affected the work of third party companies using ADI’s anechoic chambers and laboratories.

Kevin McNaughty (Facilities Director, ADI) made the following statement: “At 1448hrs on Thursday 3rd July our research facilities were affected by an energy spike in our three and single phase power supply systems. This has damaged various items of both our own and our customers’ research equipment. We are investigating the cause of this unfortunate problem to ensure it does not occur again. We wish to assure our customers that we will do everything we can to ensure business continuity and minimise the effects the on their research programmes, we will of course be replacing all damaged equipment as soon as is practicable.”

US Prison Service Quells Cell Block Riot


The US Prison Service has admitted using new novel techniques to subdue prisoners that had taken over a wing at a state penitentiary yesterday. The systems provided by UK company Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI) we used to rapidly induce unconsciousness in the majority of the inmates within a wide area that the prison service targeted, allowing officers to regain control of the facility quickly and effectively.

Acoustic Distortion Incorporated Unveil Compact Sonic Gun


DSEI 2011 saw the launch of the APR-1030 hand held acoustic projector from ADI. Anthony Reese (CEO of ADI) said “As a last minute exhibitor, we are proud to be able to unveil and demonstrate the latest in our APR suite of non-lethal weapon systems here at DSEI 2011, the APR-1030 marks a step change in the miniaturisation of our acoustic systems”.

The APS-1030 is designed primarily for special forces use, it can be used to incapacitate individual targets or disorientate a group of people. The system can also be used to project sounds to a targeted location as a distraction function.

UK MoD Invest in ‘Wall Of Sound’ for FOB Protection


Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI) CEO Anthony Reese announced yesterday that in collaboration with the MoD’s Dstl, ADI had developed a fixed array system utilising the sonic transmission elements of their APR-505 vehicle mounted system with the targeting capabilities of their APR-170 crew portable package.

The APR-273 is a 10 x 10 array that can be installed in a fixed location to provide protection out to a range of 2000 metres over a wide area of effect.

Utilising the targeting systems first seen in the APR-170, the prescribed area can be monitored for incursion and a wide area ‘discomfort’ zone can be generated to dissuade would be attackers from entering the prescribed area. Determined insurgents are automatically targeted with focussed sonic energy to incapacitate. As with the APR-170, a manual targeting option can be utilised as required.

European Police Adopt ADI Crowd Control Systems


Several European Police forces have taken delivery of new crowd control systems for use in tackling incidents of public disorder. The non-lethal equipment was originally developed by Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI) for the military, is now seeing wider deployment with many security services.

The primary systems are ADI’s vehicle mounted APR-505 area denial units, complemented by the APR-170 for surgical strikes on identified and designated targets.

MoD/Dstl Testing Acoustic Systems for FOB Protection.


The Defence Science and Technology Laboratories (Dstl – part of the UK MoD) have begun testing an acoustic protection system for the defence of Forward Operating Bases (FOB’s). The trials at Fort Halstead are said to be utilising an array of modified APR-505 units from Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI), however details have not been forthcoming from either Dstl or ADI.

Crew Portable System Sounds Good


Acoustic Distortion Incorporated has announced a crew portable version of their award winning sonic area denial system. This new product, to be known as the APR-170, is a shorter range version of their existing Acoustic Projector Range (APR) 505, that can be transported, set up and serviced by a small crew of three.

This development was funded by the US Department of Defence and has demonstrated that ADI is an effective research and development company, having met the requirements laid down in their research contract with almost a year to spare. This makes the APR-170 development a very profitable venture for ADI.

The APR-170 has an integrated targeting system, allowing a large area to be monitored using thermal, optical and sonar sensor to build a multi-band view of the targeted area. The system can automatically target any anomalies identified by the targeting system or the crew can manually designate a target and bombard it with both audible and inaudible sound waves.

US Award Systems Development Contract


The US Department of Defence has awarded the UK sonic weapons company, ADI, an $8.6 million contract to develop a smaller, crew portable versions of their highly effective APR-505 non-lethal area denial system.

“This funding will secure our research programme for the next five years, during which time we will be concentrating on reducing the weight and power demands of our Acoustic Projector Range (APR) technologies to meet the requirements set by the US DoD” Mark Jeffries (Head of Finance at ADI).

DoD Trials Non-Lethal Area Denial Systems


The US Department of Defence is conducting a series of trial on non-lethal systems designed to exclude enemy combatants from designated areas.

The front runner is reported to be the APR-505 from Acoustic Distortion Incorporated (ADI), Ian Corbett (Head Research Scientist at ADI) made the statement: “We are delighted to hear that our systems are performing well in the DoD trials and we look forward to future collaborations with our cousins across the pond.”

Sound Weapons Made A Reality


A new defence and security company has launched a sonic weapon system, which is set to revolutionise the field of area denial in combat arenas.

The APR-505 from Acoustic Distortion Inc. is a vehicle mounted non-lethal weapon system that is capable of being focussed onto an individual target at medium range or its effects can be spread across a wider arc over a shorter range to prevent combatants approaching the location of the carrier vehicle.

“Sticks and stones have always broken bones, now even words can hurt you!” - Anthony Reese, Founder of ADI.