ADI own and operate a suite of cutting edge acoustic research and development facilities. These are mainly used for our own product testing and development programmes, however many of the facilities can be made available to third party clients for the testing of their products. You can hire us or find out more information by contacting facilities@acoustic-distortion.com today!

Anechoic Chambers

We have established a series of different Anechoic Chambers at our main research site; these are capable of testing acoustic systems of various sizes from vehicle mounted systems down to the smallest of hand held devices.

Anechoic chambers do not reflect sound waves and therefore do not produce echoes. Being inside such a room can be unnerving because we as human beings are accustomed to hearing echoes as part of the rich tapestry of senses we use to orientate ourselves within our local environment. Being deprived of familiar echoes can cause adverse reactions in some people, as the only thing people can hear inside a sealed anechoic chamber is the blood running through their ears and the ‘white noise’ from the random firing of aural nerves – these sounds are usually drowned out by other noise from the local environment.

Anechoic chambers allow acoustic systems to be tested under ‘free field’ conditions, where their output can be monitored in its pure form without the effect of external sound sources or reflections/echoes of the sound waves being produced.

The ADI Anechoic chambers can be made available for the testing of third party systems – contact our facilities team for more information.

Electronic Laboratories

ADI have a number of different electronics laboratories, with an extensive range of high end test and evaluation equipment that we use for the prototyping and testing of our products.

Our electronics laboratories can be made available for prototyping and testing of third party products – contact our facilities team for more information.

Production Centres

We also have our own in-house production facilities where our bespoke systems are manufactured. The production facilities are arranged specifically for the manufacture of ADI products and are therefore not available for use by third parties.