Anthony Paul Reese

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A keen musician, who became interested in the effect of sound waves on the human body, using ‘the brown note’ to great effect during his teenage years. This interest was continued through university where he earned an honours degree in Physics, specialising in acoustics. Having attained a Masters Degree in Business Management, he exploited his interest and earlier studies in sound wave technology and effects to create Acoustic Distortion Incorporated delivering acoustic systems for defence and associated applications.

Kevin McNaughty

Facilities Director

Mechanic and hobby race driver, never happier than when he is behind the wheel or up to his elbows in oil and grease. Responsible for the management, maintenance and use of all ADI facilities (Anechoic Chambers, Electronics Laboratories and Production Centres), to ensure they are working and available when needed. Kevin also oversees the use of ADI facilities by third party clients needing to prototype and test their own products.

Ian Corbett

Head of Research

Music fan and regular attendee at open air festivals, acts as a sound engineer for heavy metal bands in his spare time, both in recording studios and for live performances. Has worked for ADI from its inception and now oversees all elements of research and development that ADI is involved with both in company facilities and at academic establishments around the world.

Mark Jeffries

Finance Director

Gamer, particularly interested in multi-player combat games, where alliances are forged and maintained through the social element of on-line gaming. In charge of internal and external investment for ADI, ensuring sufficient funding is available from clients and other income streams to maintain ADI’s product development programmes and our research/production facilities.

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