Welcome to ADI

ADI is a leading developer and manufacturer of non-lethal acoustic weapon systems.

The acoustic frequencies and projections of our products can be tuned and focussed to achieve various different target effects. At low power settings our audible systems have the effect of deafening a target temporarily, allowing the masking of troop/vehicle movements that would otherwise be detected. At higher power these products can induce pain and incapacitate targets for the duration of the acoustic exposure.

ADI’s inaudible systems do not rely upon the target hearing the weapons output, these systems affect the whole body via the nervous system, rather than targeting the ear specifically. Our wide field systems can be used to pacify and area during periods of civil unrest or in the military combat arena, where they are often used as an area denial weapon. ADI’s focussed ‘beam’ systems can discriminate and target individual combatants or have their beams spread to act as a medium range zonal denial system, affecting individual rooms within a target building. All of our weapon systems are effective in ‘line of sight’ applications and are best deployed from high ground to minimise obstructions between system and target.

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Acoustic Technologies

The products produced by ADI utilise technology generated from our research and development programmes in acoustic science.

ADI is well known for our non-lethal weapon systems, which have seen service in many theatres of combat and peace keeping operations around the world.

Our non-lethal weapon systems exploit the vulnerability of the human body to both audible and inaudible sound waves and are capable of generating a number of different effects at various ranges.


We provide opportunities.

We have established an outreach programme which is designed to encourage and foster individuals and research associated with acoustic and related sciences through a duel path approach:

Research Path – ADI support acoustic research by funding short and long term research programmes.

Intern Path – ADI’s intern programme is designed to identify the brightest and best suited candidates